Mary Ng'ang'a -Deputy Prinicpal Planning,Administration and Finance
Mary Ng’ang’a -Deputy Principal, P.A.F (Planning Administration and Finance)

Welcome to the Online Presence of Nyandarua National Polytechnic

It is both a pleasure and an honor to extend a gracious welcome to you on behalf of Nyandarua National Polytechnic. Within the hallowed halls of our institution, we are unwaveringly devoted to the delivery of superlative service – a commitment underscored by principles of dignity, professionalism, and a steadfast dedication to timely excellence, as enshrined in our distinguished service delivery charter. Our esteemed team, comprising erudite teaching and non-teaching staff, is vested with the responsibility of upholding these principles with the utmost finesse.

At the core of our mission is the encouragement of our diverse cohort of trainees, thoughtfully curated from all corners of our great nation, to seize the multifaceted opportunities laid before them. Beyond the rigors of academic and technical training, our mandate extends to a plethora of extracurricular activities — games, sports, trade fairs, robotics, drama, music, religious movements, and an array of intellectual club activities. These pursuits not only serve as crucibles for talent development but also afford moments of repose, resulting in a commendably low incidence of disciplinary matters. In the rare instances where challenges arise, our esteemed discipline committee presides with sagacity, ensuring judicious corrective measures are administered. A democratically elected students’ council complements the administration’s efforts in fostering a harmonious environment among our trainees.

The safety of our cherished trainees, revered trainers, esteemed non-teaching staff, honored visitors, and our cherished institute property is accorded the utmost priority. To this end, Nyandarua National Polytechnic employs a cadre of full-time sentinels who maintain an unwavering vigilance to uphold a secure and serene environment.

For the holistic well-being of our illustrious students, a medical clinic, helmed by a distinguished clinical officer, stands poised to provide essential care. Cases of gravity find referral to nearby hospitals, while our proactive guidance and counseling department ardently tends to the nuanced psychological and emotional needs of our esteemed student body.

Nyandarua National Polytechnic prides itself on cultivating a harmonious rapport with the local community. Collaborative initiatives with the business community facilitate accommodations for our discerning trainees, and through a rigorously competitive tendering process, the community generously contributes to our culinary endeavors. The community’s benevolence extends to offering invaluable internship and attachment opportunities, a gesture for which our hearts brim with gratitude.

In our unswerving pursuit of continuous refinement, we extend an earnest invitation for your valued feedback — be it the dulcet notes of commendation, the candid critique of concerns, or the sage counsel of suggestions. Your missives may find their way to us via post, the repository of suggestions, or conveyed directly to the discerning officers tasked with our institutional betterment. Rest assured, these communications are handled with the precision and diligence exemplified by the Commission for Administrative Justice (CAJ).

We extend our profound gratitude for the investment of your time in perusing the digital expanse that encapsulates the essence of Nyandarua National Polytechnic. Your virtual presence is a cherished moment in our academic tapestry.