Mrs. Monicah NdiranguChief Finance Officer – Mrs. Monicah Ndirangu


The Finance Department is a part of the support departments at the Polytechnic, whose main duties are to receive and disburse all of the Polytechnic’s finances. Students are advised to consult on matters related to financial issues when they are in need. The department facilitates and supports students’ efforts towards financial gains. The department has several sub sections that offer various services, as highlighted

  • Issuing official receipts for all fees and other monies paid by the students through the bank.
  • Keeping official receipts in safe custody and doing reconciliations.
  • Receiving deposits from students wishing their money to be kept safely and refunding the same when required.
  • Students Finance
  • Keeping all students’ financial records up-to-date by showing the position of each student’s account, and whether there is any balance or excess payment on any money deposited.
  • Keeping new students informed about the loans and bursaries received from HELB/HEF.
  • Issue fees statements to students at the end of each semester or when requested.
  • Keeping students posted on any funds channeled through the Polytechnic, e.g., CDF, and individual sponsorship and ensuring that the same is availed to the beneficiaries.
  • Issue fees statements to students at the end of each semester or when requested. 
  • FEES MUST be paid to the following Polytechnic Fee Collection Accounts country-wide:-
  • Equity Bank – A/C No. 0160296471157 OR Pay using a banker’s check

The Office of the Finance Officer

The Finance Office is the overall supervisory office of all the sections in Finance Department.  Students are encouraged to lodge any complaint to the Senior Accountant at any time. The following services are offered by the office of the Senior Accountant:

  • Giving up-to-date information to parents/guardians as regards the financial position of a student as they call from time to time.
  • Providing advice to students on how to manage their finances.
  • The students/trainees are encouraged to visit the student portal to check for fees structure and fees statement

Click the button below to log in to the student portal to view, download and print fees statement and view fees structure