The Dean of students is the liaison officer between the students and the administration.     

The office has staff members whose responsibility is to help the students settle down and adjust to college life.

The students’ welfare includes:         

1.      Accommodation Services

·         Coordination of room accommodation

·         Maintenance of cleanliness in and around the hostels


2.      Catering Services – headed by Caterers. 

·         Provision of good quality meals in a clean environment using the Pay As You Eat system

3.      Medical services – headed by the Clinical Officer who 

·         Ensures medical services are offered to the students. 

·         Advises the school administration on medical referrals.

4.      Games, Sports& Recreation – under the HOD games and sports 

·         Organizes games and sports within and outside the institution. 

·         Ensures that the students participate in games and sports at all levels.

5.      HELB and Bursaries  

·         Loan advisory services 

6.      Clubs &Societies       

·         Christian Union

·         Music and Drama

·         Environmental club

·         President’s Award Scheme

·         Catholic Action

·         Peer Educators

·         Muslim association

·         Taquodo

   7. Any social issue that can affect the students’ academic performance.