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The Polytechnic has accommodation facilities for both Male and female trainees. Internal hostels are allocated on first come first served basis and can accommodate a total of 400 students: 100 male and 300 female students. The internal hostels have been fitted with solar water heater to provide hot shower for occupants round the clock. Arrangements have been made by the Polytechnic to cater for more accommodation through external hostel providers that provide both accommodation and meals for the trainees.

Security officers guard the Polytechnic to ensure trainee and staff security within and surrounding areas.

There are ten wifi hotspots that enable trainees to access internet 24/7. This enables them to download learning materials.

Meals at the Polytechnic are provided on a Pay-As-You-Eat basis at a subsidized cost in the Polytechnic’s dining hall. External catering services also offer students meals at reasonable costs.

Once a trainee joins the polytechnic, there are many clubs and societies that he/she can enroll in. Click the button below to see the list of clubs and societies that you can join at The Nyandarua National Polytechnic