Jitume Lab Launch

Hon. Cabinet Secretary for Information Communication and Digital Economy Eliud Owalo has said that digitization of government services will be inevitable. This will reduce corruption and enhance efficiency. Speaking during the launch of Jitume Computer Laboratory in our Polytechnic CS Owalo noted that this move aligns with global trends towards digitization and will indeed help streamline processes, increase transparency, and reduce opportunities for corruption. He also added that Initiatives like Jitume Computer Laboratories, will play a crucial role in equipping the youths with digital literacy skills, opening up opportunities for them to participate in the digital economy and earn income through online jobs.
Nyandarua County Governor H.E Moses Kiarie Badilisha Nyandarua County Government who accompanied the cabinet secretary, lauded the national government for empowering youths through digital literacy. He recognized the potential of such programs in addressing societal challenges like drug and substance abuse among young people. “Digital literacy and access to online job opportunities can offer constructive alternatives and avenues for personal and economic development, potentially reducing the vulnerability of youth to negative influences.”
Moreover, Governor Badilisha contributed to the Nyandarua National Polytechnic Comrade Initiative which supports the less fortunate trainees by promoting their welfare. This initiative provides essential support systems for students facing financial and social challenges, ensuring they have equal opportunities to access education and skills development.
By acknowledging the efforts of the national government through the Ministry of Information Communication and Digital Economy, our chief principal Mr. Felix Mung’atu mentioned that a lot has been witnessed for the last one year of the Jitume Program initiative, having kicked off in March last year. 500 trainees have been trained and acquired skills in various areas like digital marketing, digital literacy, data entry and transcription Coding, and online freelancing skills. This has been done in seven cohorts that were registered at different times in the period and successfully completed their training. He added that each training lasts for a period of one week to one month, varying according to the nature of the training. The last cohort with a total of 64 trainees was registered at the beginning of this month and completed their training on 19th March. The mentorship continues and the program is currently in the process of registering the 8th cohort. The principal reiterated that the Jitume program has been enthusiastically embraced by the trainees, with a high level of engagement and participation observed throughout the training sessions.
Present were, Deputy Governor Nyandarua County -Mathaara Mwangi, MCA Gatimu Ward – Dan Githinji, County Commissioner Nyandarua County – Jaldesa Abdul Isaac, CEO Konza Technopolis – John Paul Okwiri, CEO ICTA – Stanley Kamanguya and Nyandarua National Polytechnic Staff and trainees.